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  • Riti Patel

Find your Colors

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

You bought an expensive dress, so on that occasion you should look good right? Maybe not !!

A dress with wrong color can affect in two ways, firstly, it will make you look drawn, tired and much older. It wont look becoming and may clash with your hair and skin tone.

Secondly, it will be detrimental on psychological level, as in the color you wear might send negative messages.

A recent study shows that, a person with average looks will earn more than an employee with less average looks. But, you will think what does it mean to look 'good'. It means that it has nothing to do with looking beautiful or handsome. It is more related and everything to do with looking more polished and elegant.

Color sends messages, and that you should use it to your advantage. Dressing with the style and colors that flatter you.

Finding your colors, finding the perfect hues which complement your personal style brings out the radiance and reflects on yourself. It gives you a positive feeling and helps you embrace your inner self. It can even create a persona – a desired image.

The colors that harmonize with your hair, skin and eyes, will naturally uplift your look giving you a more glowing and healthier appearance.

With a customized color palette which is in harmony with you, then your clothes and accessories will not only look amazing on you, they will help you coordinate, mix and match, style your wardrobe and while shopping too.

Wearing flattering colors not only gives you an instant lift to your confidence but also balance your emotions. There is always a feel good factor with the right colors.

The Color palette naturally complements the Style checklist, in short a chic outfit that flatters in both color and style!

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