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Tips to look stylish without buying clothes

It's the new normal phase and we all are mostly staying at home and working from home. We at home are generally in PJ's mode though I have loved dressing up more. Am I going somewhere? Nope, just daily chores, with some strolls and kind of balcony picnics but playing with my wardrobe has been an amazing experience.

Shopping is tempting, and many of us fall prey even when it is not needed in our wardrobe. But, what if you want to avoid these purchases and make do with you've already got?

So, today I am sharing some tips to re-invent your wardrobe without spending money and look stylish. Do share which ones you are tackling first..

Wardrobe cleanse -

Check what items you already own in your wardrobe. Some items you wear more than once, some have been never worn. Take inventory, what fits, whats too old to wear again, transitional outfits and we can create a wardrobe around the sorted pieces.

Mix and match -

It's time to break the rules ! Once you have done your wardrobe inventory, you can start pairing, mixing and matching the outfits. Mix seasons too! Believe me you will love creating the outfits !

Discover 20 NEW outfits using pieces you own with Panachepersona.  I’ll outfit clothes you already own.

Guaranteeing you with “I’ve never thought of that!” outfits plus you will be making 10 less micro decisions daily! 

Photo by Becca Mchaffie on Unsplash

Let's do Swapping -

You mostly have that special friend for second opinions, so, if you could convince her for her wardrobe cleanse,then, you both can try swapping clothes as per your fittings. It will be surely a great bonding experience with lots of fun !!

Go on a Dye-it spree

Let's brighten your staple outfits with a splash of colours. Dyes, fabric paints, or even spray paints can give chic edge to those drab t-shirts/ old clothes. Be creative and you are sure to inspire and impress with your fashion sense !

Take inspiration

U can always take inspiration from magazines and of course social media, giving a dash of styling sense to your outfits in whatever way you wish. Adding accessories goes a long way to create those outfits too!

Try stitching

U can try your hands on stitching. Turning your pants into shorts, loose dresses fitted, cutting some parts of your clothes and stitch it into new ones !!

Make your old clothes into sleek and stylish couture!

Reply back and let me know what you are doing this week !!

Connect with me to know more about my services.. Would you like to discover your colours.. Know your style personality.. Create outfits to save time and space..or do some personal shopping.. rediscover yourself... discuss some tips and tricks.. or maybe just have some chat with my complimentary discovery call and then move forward..

Let's start this wonderful journey together.

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