Style is a way to say Who You Are without having to speak.

Ever wonder what it is that makes a piece of clothing “you” or “not you”? Do you see skirts or tops that you love on the rail or on a friend, but that lose their charm when you put them on?


The Style Session comprises of detailed discussions, assistance, recommendations and counsel for idyllic color combinations, make-up choices and clothes style that makes a perfect fit for your body type.


Personal Styling can be done in-person or virtually. Style is intimate, therefore knowing and understanding your body type/shape is fundamental. In this consult we will go over the Client Questionnaire that you filled out prior.


The next phase of the consultation is to analyze your body type, silhouette, and scale to determine the appropriate fabrics and apparel pieces that will make you look your personal best.

Your style personality type will be defined and analyzed as a final result to ensure that you make better apparel and accessory choices in the future, and develop a fabulous working wardrobe for your unique image and lifestyle.


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Riti Patel

Image Consultant,

Coach & Soft Skills Trainer

Color Analysis Tools Supplier

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