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As an image consultant, my clients are always looking for ways to organize their wardrobe and save money. I tell them that the most adaptable clothing items are neutral in colour. These items always makes them easier to mix and match with other clothing items and accessories while adding pop of color to the combinations. These items work well to create wardrobe capsules.

Wardrobe capsules are a great way to create a wardrobe quickly. Create a wardrobe plan. You have to think about your lifestyle and image perception goals, your best colours. Below are some pointers which I believe will make the wardrobe planning easier.

So, while there are no hard and fast rules about how to build a capsule wardrobe, it’s safe and best way is to do wardrobe weed.

Take every single piece of clothing, accessories out of your closet and consider the last time you wore it or used it, if it’s been more than six months pop it into storage or donate to charity. 

Next -

Start with an outer layer such as a blazer or jackets

Find two coordinating trousers or pants or denim jeans

Next find say three tops/blouses that matches

Add ties, accessories, shoes/sandals and belts

Last but not the least inner wear matched to the outfits above

Also adding seasonal pieces

Now that the first set of capsule wardrobe is created. You can add another piece of outfit, don't be afraid to add new pieces, one way can be remove one item from the capsule and add a new one and thus the outfits get created and the new capsule wardrobe.

Following this simple steps, wardrobe capsules are created which saves your time and you won't get the feeling of nothing to wear in the morning. It saves space in your closet, less clutter, helps you use all your clothes and accessories, creates different styled outfits and don't have to spend more to buy new clothes unless required.

So have fun while creating outfits, new and old, using this simple wardrobe capsule strategy.

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